Past projects

Forms of Todays Futures program series

In 2013, with Waag Society and Netwerk Democratie, I initiated and produced the Forms of Todays Futures program series: involving a week-long, hands-on NETworkshop and a critical debate with D66 europarlementarian Marietje Schaake. See also the Waag Society project page.

Last Resort Meetings

In 2012 and 2013 in various places in Amsterdam, I organized hands-on, creative brainstorm meetings. Frank Kresin, research director of Waag Society, ironically dubbed these meetings the Last Resort meetings.

Science Fiction Science Faction Lecture Series

As a researcher at Leiden University and in cooperation with Waag Society and XS4ALL Internet, in 2007 I organized a three-evening lecture series “Science Fiction Science Faction”. The evenings explored the crossovers between science fiction literature and film and technological innovations. Guest speakers were Bruce Sterling, Brenda Laurel, Bruce Damer, Rudy Rucker and Ken Goffman (a.k.a. R.U.Sirius).

Anthropology of the Information Society course

From 2010-2013 I developed and taught, with Zane Kripe, the bachelor course Anthropology of the Information Society at Leiden University. This course was highly interactive and hands-on and involved many guest speakers from relevant fields. Guest speakers included Hans de Zwart, director of Bits of Freedom, Paulus Lips, medical practitioner and philosopher of medicine and risk, and Donna Metzlar, co-founder of the Genderchangers.

Some of the questions we asked:

* What are the social, material and ideological foundations that support the notion that ‘we’ live in the information society?
* How is the information society lived in different regions of the world?
* How do people across the world construct their notions of ‘truth’ in the information society and what kind of truths carry the farthest?
* What does it mean to be politically active in the information society?
* And what does it mean to conduct anthropological research in and of ‘the information society’?

We looked at subjects varying from transhumanism to ICT4D projects; from privacy-activist groups to technophobes, from high-tech spirituality to e-waste.

Both students and the board of the Anthropology department officially recognized our teaching as excellent.

Volunteering for Aan de Knoppen

As part of my documentary project, in 2014 I taught two courses ‘basic computer skills’ for Stichting Aan de Knoppen  in the neighbourhood center Holendrecht in Amsterdam Zuidoost. Students were people who had somehow missed out on computer education, because of age, language difficulties or other factors.









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