This program focuses on two main contradictions implicit in the notion that we live in an ‘information’ society:

Information as Resource
For governments, corporations and futurists, the future of our information society is an immaterial one: industrial labor changes into ‘creative work’, office desks make place for flexible work places, and food does not need to come from the land but can be synthesized from molecules.  Yet, of course, the resources for our ICT’s come from mines and are put together in factories by people who can’t easily participate in the so-called ‘creative industry’. How does the cybernetic ideal of dematerialization relate to this material reality?

Information as Knowledge
The information society, according to many, is a smart society: through ‘citizen science’ projects, wikipedia and online education, citizens gain more and more access to the means and insights of science and journalism. This development is paired with the fact that no-one can legitimately claim to own the truth, that it becomes increasingly difficult to check the reliance of information and it gets harder to transform all the available information into ‘knowledge’. How does the dream of the smart ‘citizen scientist’ relate to this nightmare of the citizen plagued by permanent confusion and information overload?

Dates and places will be announced.

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