logo_gr1p200pxOn September 10 2015 the Gr1p Foundation was launched during the screening of the Smart City documentary I co-produced with film maker Sara Blom, in Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam.

The Gr1p foundation has three goals:


  • to better understand our digital society in technical, political and cultural sense;
  • to develop ways in which this understanding can be made accessible to others;
  • to facilitate and make visible a network of organizations and individuals with similar goals.

In this way, Gr1p wants to contribute to a society in which more people get a better grip on their digital environment, gaining a better understanding of the choices they can make therein.

Gr1p publishes posts and organizes interventions, projects and meetings focused on concrete, current digital themes. It draws inspiration from the arts, (social) science, activism and personal, hands-on experience.

Website Stichting Gr1p:

On this website you can watch the film Smart City. In search of the Smart Citizen.

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